Underfloor Heating Systems

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Underfloor Heating

Lakeside Distribution offer a design and supply service of the underfloor heating system with technical support both in-house and on-site. The key feature of our quality underfloor heating system is Pipelifes Qual-PEX 15mm Barrier pipe, which is BS 7291, Class S approved and carries a 25 year guarantee.

Design Service

Lakeside Distribution provides a range of designs covering areas as small as 20m2 (single room extensions) up to 1000m2 (commercial premises).

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Small Areas up to 40sqm

For smaller projects up to 40m2 comprising of one zone Lakeside Distribution can supply a preassembled unit to minimise installation time. These single room units are designed with simplicity in mind making them ideal for DIY.

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The Single Room Extension system is perfectly suited to a single area extension up to 40m2. It is designed to link into an existing radiator heating system or alternatively it can be run as a separate system providing the benefits of an efficient and cost effective heating system. This type of heating system may be used in conjunction with any oil or gas fired boiler or even a geo-thermal heat pump system.

The Single Room Extension Kit comprises:

  • Pre-assembled QPL UFH Control Unit including thermostatic mixing
  • 15mm compression fittings to connect to existing pipework
  • A single programmable room thermostat (pre wired)
  • White plastic cover box
  • 15mm Qual-PEX Barrier Pipe.

Three kits are available that cover up to 20m2, 30m2 and 40m2. All kits are supplier with an installers manual and an operating DVD.


Large Areas From 40sq and Greater

Our heating engineers will design a system to meet the client’s requirements by working in conjunction with them. By entering in the key factors to a specialist software package, Pipelifes specialist engineers can determine the heat requirement for each room / zone to produce optimum comfort levels. From this software package a series of tables (including a detailed quotation per floor) are produced which outline specific design criteria used during the installation process.


Once the customer is happy with the quotation the materials can be ordered. When the materials are ordered the Pipelife design engineers produce a pipe layout drawing for every individual project showing the configuration of each of the loops and the position of the manifold. Also included in this pipe layout drawing will be a table detailing the number of stats/actuators and the number of lengths of Rapid Rail to be used per zone.

Once the pipe layout drawing is complete a full design specification is produced detailing the design criteria and guidelines from the initial process of installing the pipe to the commissioning of the system and control layout. This design is always project specific and each is tailored to suit the client’s requirements. An installers’ manual is also supplied with the design specification to help answer any additional questions.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Comfortable
  • even temperature throughout
  • Efficient on fuel due to lower operating temperatures
  • Healthier environment with less dust being circulated
  • Safer – no hot panels of dangerous hard edges
  • No restrictions on interior design layout
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximum usable floor space
  • Excellent value for money